New Podcast Series launching Te Rākaunui, Full Moon of Pipiri - Tuesday 14 June 2022.  Join us then for launch of new weekly podcast series. 

Tuhi Talks Podcast Cover

Only 3% of Māori women are business owners in Aotearoa and that's a statistic I want to change. I love being a Wāhine Māori Entrepreneur and owning a values based e-comm business in Aotearoa. I want to see so many other Wāhine Māori in this space too. But I get it - I know its hard work, and can be stressful and exhausting. You have to put in a lot of effort, and you don't know if it will pay off. The flip side, is it can also bring lots of joy, pride, connections and purpose. Listen in as we share our insights, tips & tricks to raise that 3% so we can all thrive.